Li Alles voor uw woning. IS TAPIJT j MEUBELEN I GORDIJNEN I MA TRASSEN/DEKBEDDEN/ENZ. SELEKTMEUBEL UESHOUT B.V. 94 Sprokkels Air Commodore AJW.Gedde9CBE.DSO, Legion of Merit, RAF(Retd) "Roseland", 7 Homefield Road, SEAFORD, East Sussex BN25 3DG England. Toi drs. R. Polak Chairman Historische Kring Leusden Beverhoeve 25, Leusden, Holland Seaford, 14th February 1987 Dear Mr. Polak, Mr. J GOnderwater informed me that your Society is active to keep the St.Joseph School at Achterveld as a building of historic significance. I cannot but say that I fully support your endeavours. A3 you may know I was at Achterveld on 28th and 30th April 1945, when I represented the Allied Air Forces during the negotiations with the Germans at the school. I must say that looking back it was one of the highlights in my career as an officer both in the British Army and the Royal Air Force. These negotiations were unique since this time X was not involved in the planning of necessary destructions, but X was res ponsible for the quickest possibility to save the Dutch in occupied Western Holland from famine and starvation. I cannot remember any occasion in the history of the Second .Vorld War that an event such as those at Achterveld took place. In 1986 X was able to visit Achterveld and see the school again. I was delignted to see that the school room where were sat opposite Seyss- Inquart and his people still existed. Though some of the classrooms had disappeared in the meantime, the most important room was still there. It would be most unfortunate if the school would be demolished. Maybe initiative could be developped to get a permanent exhibition in the school to remember the occasion that was of such great importance to the people in your country. Please consider this letter as my notification of adhesion. I sincerely hope that your efforts will be successful. Yours sincerely, Andrew J.W.Geddes former chief of Operations and Plans 2nd Tactical Air Force chairman of the Allied Manna-Committee, April 1945 Air Commodore RAF (Retd). N.B. Vertaling verkrijgbaar bij mevr. Vroon-Roubos. selekt meubel Harnersveldseweg 22 Leusden-C Tel 033-941331

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